You must write with conviction

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never break me, such is the power, tact and subtlety behind words. Authors are storytellers with one goal, to sway their readers towards their point of view. Whether it is by giving a fresh new perspective or by contrasting popular beliefs with unpopular ones. Like it takes several drops of water to fill an ocean, it takes one person to assert a point so that it causes a ripple effect and reaches to right pair of ears.  Religious texts aren’t only popular, but they are strongly followed, precisely because they have conviction.  

For example, I have learnt a-lot from my favourite author- Amy Tan, about writing with conviction. Being of Chinese-American descent, she writes for women. Her characters go through this catharsis from being vulnerable to reinforced. It gives you great strength when you feel like you can’t seem to step into one more day in your life. The struggles are real, the perspectives are well thought-of and the relationships are thought-provoking. Her writing also combines imagery, language and just the right number of inferences to give her readers a free will in deciding whether her opinions are justified. The writing also shows an assured knowledge of the particular universe, which is like the icing on the cake.

Thus, according to me, here are two points to keep in mind to make your writing stronger:

  • Clarity: Be very clear in your point. For example, write in a sequence, such as: intro, body, conclusion to explain the development and importance of a particular perspective. Don’t make too many assumptions and back-up your points with clear, concise data. Being boring and logical wins, any-day, than being fragmented and frothy.
  • Strong words:  Have you heard the speeches of your country’s political leaders during elections? They certainly aren’t any flooky’s, they have to run an entire nation, consisting of the educated and elite to the working-class masses. They are laced with tact, humor and logic, but never sounding weak, meak or intimidated by anyone.  Their slogans, resulting from their speeches, haven’t only become iconic but they ensure a sense of renewed hope for their citizens.  To tie-in with the first point, strong words, automatically bring clarity and strength in your writing, so you can always build-up on it or leave it for your readers at such a juncture that they are convinced but can make their own decision whether to side with you or not.

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