Two tips on writing from your own experiences

“Every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause , and contributes to a good life.”- Richard Branson

Where do writers get their inspiration from? All sorts of places and people. Most writers feel that they can be the best “guinea pigs” to make an argument for their narrative.  They want their own experiences to be the crux of their argument. Although, it might feel like putting out a bit much, perhaps which you don’t even share with your loved ones, but you have to trust the process. That it will benefit you as well as your readers. Like Richard Branson says, you will contribute towards your growth as well as your reader’s growth.

Thus, here are two tips to connect with your readers while writing your own experience:

1. Write your experience in past tense and then explain its reasoning in presence tense. It might be a bit difficult because you have to be logical and coherent, but the fact that this has happened to you in the past, will make it an honest and true narrative. The present tense will then mirror your reflections on it, sort of like a cause and effect. Also, you have probably come out of it a winner/learned a valuable lesson/changed for the better, so it can also help you write more effectively by comparing yourself to the person you were pre-incident and post-incident. You will notice new revelations that you wouldn’t have otherwise. These revelations can make your narrative more stronger.

2. Write wholeheartedly, write the experience as it is. Don’t debarge it like a tragedy nor romanticize it with froth. Write with the imagery of the experience in mind. Focus on your feelings and reaction towards it. Remember, you are being naked to your readers, your innermost truths are being let out to the whole world to judge, thus, by being open, you are nurturing your narrative because as the climax unfolds, readers are made to believe, that if this can happen to you, then it sure can happen to them. And, they will know how to respond to it. You are leading the way for them, so trust your process.

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