Two tips on becoming an expert writer

Writing is very much like parenting. Just as a nascent parent tries hard to coax their toddler, that can’t speak, from various bouts of tantrums and cries, a nascent writer also tries very hard to create sensible links between their thoughts and intentions. But as that very toddler grows up and begins to communicate with their parents through speech, your writing also becomes more profound and thought-after. The important factor being – effective communication. It can do wonders for your writing.

Here are two tips that writers must consistently follow in order to become experts:

1. Attention to details: Be clear, concise and let your writing swear by clarity. No matter how light or how complicated the situation of your narrative, you can always handle it with simple, direct words that focus more on intention than intellect. Writers are keen observers and avid readers, they are able to break-down and emulate things with great clarity, so that they can mirror it in their writing.

2. Learn to edit effectively: It can be a very tedious process but like your appearance is a reflection of you, your writing is a reflection of how you want to be perceived as a writer. An important step to follow while editing your work is breaking it down by tasks. The first round can be to only correct grammatical errors, the second round for logic and continuity, the third for pace and overall quality. This way, you can cover all the weak-points that lead to a good piece of writing and feel less frustrated.  

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