Two effective habits of Minimalist writers

For authors, writing is a passion and cure, in one.  It’s a skill that, when given the right attention, can lead to an exhilarant level of confidence and a robust bank account. Your opinions, when appreciated, also give you a sense of purpose in life.  Thus, then begins a fruitful co-relation between your success and your mental health.

Being a minimalist is a perspective that leads to a certain lifestyle where you retain the things you value and remove the things that you can live without.  It starts off with the thought process that you only need the essentials to thrive and you should abstain from getting caught up in the modern hysteria of an array of goods, beliefs and possessions available to us.  Some benefits of minimalism include clarity of mind, improvement in focus, less stress thus leading to better health and more time to focus on priorities.

Here are two effective ways by which minimalist writers thrive in productivity and success:

1. Downsize their lives to give emphasis to their writing:  Firstly, De-clutter your knowledge base and sources and feed-off from experiences. You don’t have to have 5 different books on consumer culture or the Renaissance period for research. Or even the papers from your creative writing class from 8 years ago. Instead, try and secure the gist of what you experienced and learnt practically, so that a realism is born in your writing. Focusing on clear facts from one reliable source, to match up with your opinions, also gives your writing a-lot of credibility.

2. Establish a regular writing routine: These writers have intentionally made writing an everyday task. Writing everyday helps them set the pace, focus by sections and parts, improve on logic and be less bombarded during deadlines.  Making writing a daily priority, such as eating and sleeping, makes you realize its importance in your life. Once you begin to value it in your mind, the results are for your readers to see. Your efforts shine and you are also less stressed in the process.

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