Meet the queen of urban fiction: Zane

With more than 39 million copies sold worldwide, author Zane has become a pioneer in the genre called urban fiction. Her books are a circuitous mix of real life problems that stem from unquenched desires. So many women are sexually oppressed and feel abnormal because they want to express more in the bedroom and make it less about a lecture session. Do us women, living in such fast-paced lives, really have the time to solve each complex problem over long conversations and deadly, repetitive spirals? No!!! So then walks in an author like Zane that can help you coax your man, within a matter of five minutes. Urban fiction, thanks to her, has been taken seriously and devoured to our heart’s content.

Here are two reasons why she has succeeded in this genre:

a) Her characters are realistically flawed. Urban fiction thrives on faulty and struggling characters, because they are awaiting a redemption of sorts. They want the character to be reprised, to be rewarded for weathering the various storms (mishaps in life) because it makes us rejoice. They become our heroes, because we can relate to them and they become our blueprint, of sorts, towards our own redemption.

b) She has made erotica – explicit and ok. Gone are the days when romance was about an emotional resolution, a compromise based on true feelings or a relationship that was aligned with convention. Today, if you were to narrate a love-story, it would feel incomplete and un-satiated without some erotica in it. Be it a random encounter or a long-drawn feast, real connection between couples happens only then, because its private and they can be completely un-inhibited and they are un-judged for it.  She has made erotica a great leveller for those misunderstood inferences that prevent a relationship from weathering out.

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