Are you loyal towards your writing?

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you k now.” – Ernest Hemmingway

Loyalty, in any aspect of life, is always in the mind. If writing is a priority, then you will write everyday. Since it is a bit of aptitude and a bit of learned skill, you can only build a strong connection when you feel that by improving your writing, you will gain personal rewards such as increasing your reader base, awards or recognitions. 

Here Vroom’s expectancy theory applies, which says that there is a positive correlation between your efforts and performances. Thus, the key to achieving what you expect is first discovering what skills and training you will need.  

So what should your intent be? Your intent should be to tap into your creative sources, identify what inspires you to write and then also focus on why you like to write. Start with what you are feeling, because it is the root of your final product. If you’re writing non-fiction, try to present clear evidences of either side of your argument rather than making it a one-sided debate. If you writing fiction, fill-up your journey with conflicts that test your characters and leads them to make consequential decisions.  The lesson you learn as a writer is that, if honed properly, your writing can sore.

Thus, with time, you realize that you can surpass your capabilities and achieve the highest rewards possible. Then writing becomes your need and eventually your self-fulfilling prophecy.

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