Change is the only constant in life, it isn’t about the impact it has on you but about the way you respond to it. Being inactive towards changes stagnates your growth and perspective on life. Thus to steer in the direction of inevitable change, you can either be destructive or constructive.  You only need to keep in mind that conditions needn’t change, but the way you handle yourself needs to change. Circumstances exist for long periods of time, but you won’t thrive if you adapt poorly towards them. Thus, this catharsis, or change only happens successfully if one is inspired.

Tanya began her 10-year sojourn as a naive and starry-eyed , Generation X with a dream to weave out her own identity amongst the many social and societal barriers.  To create this harmonic and liberating balance between being a wife, a professional, a homemaker and subsequently a mother.  However like those very enthusiastic Generation X women, she began to faulter and stumble at every step in each of these aspects of her life. No matter what your level of planning is, you have to realize that quality is better than quantity. As you affix a new dimension to your life, you must pace yourself because gradual growth always allows you to re-evaluate your priorities and your methods of performing them. No point in burning out and ending up confused and directionless.

She, for a time period, fell into the spell of endless cycles of repetition and prolix.

She was made to realize that in order to actually evolve in a positive and healthy way, she needed to step back, switch gears, revaluate her priorities and max out her abilities, all thanks to a guarded pace. Thanks to a reassuring presence in her life – her affirmer.  He was her modern-day Charles Darwin. Despite leading a fast-paced life, he displayed qualities of being tenacious and resilient, preciously what she was lacking in her life.

She was truly happy in his guidance. She wanted more from life, thereafter, She wanted him, so much